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The idea for Pretty Nutritious was born after Mariana discovered that the power of eating healthy and exercising went far beyond losing weight.  Being healthy made her feel prettier, happier, more confident, and more productive.  It was empowering and she wanted to share it with the rest of the world.  Pretty Nutritious is a lifestyle. It starts with food but it’s not only about food. What you eat influences how you feel and thus permeates into all other aspects of your life. The Pretty Nutritious Lifestyle (PNL) is about living a purpose driven life and being mindful in everything that you do.

Mariana Dineen MS, RD, CDN is a Registered Dietitian and mommy of a 3 year old girl and a baby boy on the way. Mariana completed her Masters in Clinical Nutrition at New York University and her Dietetic Residency at NYU Langone Medical Center.  Mariana holds a specialty certification in Adult Weight Management and has and worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings providing nutrition counseling for a wide range of conditions. In addition  Mariana has led corporate wellness events and conducted healthy cooking demos, given nutrition and wellness lectures to community organizations and been published in lifestyle blogs. As a working mother, Mariana knows firsthand that juggling work, family and everything in between can leave us feeling like we have little or no time to devote to eating healthy and exercising. Having found her own work-life balance centered around healthy eating, mindfulness, and exercise, she is passionate about teaching others how they can incorporate nutrition and overall wellness into their busy lives.