Happy Earth Day

Mariana | April 21, 2016

Last Sunday we went hiking with friends to Round Valley Reservoir as an early Earth Day celebration and in honor of National Environmental Education Week. We met early at 10 AM so that we could be done by lunch and then hurry back home and put the girls down for a nap. One of my friends calls me the “crazy nap lady”. Yes, my day revolves around Sophia’s nap. It sounds crazy but it works for us. I’m a creature of habit and I ‘m happier and more productive when I organize my day like that. Plus a well-rested toddler is healthy and happy kid.

Our friends had hiked there before with their 2 year old daughter, so they knew toddler friendly trails.

We met lots of friendly doggies.


Sometimes Daddy helped Sophia by holding her hand.


Other times, Sophia was fearless and explored by herself.


We incorporated nature into play and learned about rocks. Throwing rocks into water was a simple but fun and relaxing activity for both me and Sophia. We also sorted rocks by dark/light and big/small. Daddy was able to skip some and explained to Sophia what type rocks are good for skipping and which ones are not.


It’s never to early to start connecting children with the outdoors. Hiking was a great adventure and a lot of fun! And to be honest I didn’t know what to expect from Sophia but she loved it! Like my yoga teacher says, “what you don’t try, you don’t know.” Happy Earth Day!




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  • Jenna Peluso

    These two are so cute together! What a beautiful morning getting fresh air and exploring the natural world!